Anyone who uses any form of social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat is familiar with the Ukhano story from the recent past.

Ukhano (Umer Khan) is a Pakistani blogger who got famous for his vlogs, his association with Peshawar Zalmi and his promotion of tourism in Pakistan. We recently saw a pretty strong campaign against him accusing him of harassment and even a rape attempt.

He responded to all of that with a clarification video as well as taking legal action against those “defaming” him or “falsely accusing” him of the actions he may or may not have done.

He faced those tough days with twitter filled with hate against him and his name being top trending in Pakistan. There was widespread hatred against him, friends from the industry stopped supporting him and he stood alone.

Things seem to have changed for Ukhano as he is now in Kashmir, covering the criminal acts of India. He can be seen talking to women and children in his recent Instagram story. He is not only spreading awareness but also giving hope to the people of Kashmir.

Pakistanis seem to be in love with this guy once again as they are concerned about his well being and are also appreciating the step he has taken.

Its not a surprise that one would think Ukhan is doing this to clear his name and image. Whether that is the purpose or not, power to you man!

Not long ago many stood against you, there still are a number of people appreciating your work and efforts.

We cannot break a news claiming that this is a publicity stunt. If we look at how he has decided to go to Kashmir where the threat is severe, as a Pakistani I have no choice but to love this guy for taking this step.

May you stay safe and if not guilty may you win the legal battle in your recent problems.


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