social distancing

Social distancing is certainly the only thing common in most of the world population these days. Our parties, hangouts, business meetings and any such activities are all at a halt pretty much.

As someone who usually spends the weekends at work, I’m having a hard time dealing with the social distancing. Isolation was always something I thought I needed to grow as a person, the only thing growing at the moment is a moustache.

My work is digital marketing so there’s little to do all day. No idea what time is suitable to wake up and when should I sleep. When the work is all scheduled, you can at times cover the whole week in advance, it leaves you with 6 days of weekend then.

social distancing

What I did was simple. I have Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Battlefield 1 &V, FIFA 20 and the bug filled Ghost Recon Breakpoint installed on my PlayStation. Netflix is no longer interesting, books make much sense, try reading The Spy Who Changed History.While we’re at this topic, I recently read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, how I always wanted to censor the word “Fuck” like this. After having read the book I wish I had something to give a fuck about these days.

Workout is another thing I’m pushing myself towards. 15 minutes of cycling was the first step today. My dumbbells and bench will have to wait a couple of days for me to get there.

Now that I’ve cried like a baby for five paragraphs, lets come to the point. I have been able to utilise this social distancing to my advantage as well. It has given me a lot of “me time” which in many ways has helped me.

Social distancing means no hangouts, no coming home late, working quite efficiently, learning a thing or two along with working on yourself. I get my work done in minutes instead of days now. I’ve taken the first step towards a better body. I finally started making my own coffee and even with a few hours of gaming I get plenty of time to read and also to stay connected with my spiritual side.

If you have the right mindset, the social distancing is an opportunity for you. Otherwise, there’s plenty to cry about and you may just add social distancing to the things you hate about this world.

Oh BTW, this is the first time I’ve written something in months. That’s another start for me!


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