Sex in Lahore

Its never easy writing about such a topic, massage in Lahore is something that turns out to be more than what it appears to be. Why am I writing about it? I received this text message in the for of SMS marketing recently. The message body is as follows:

“We provide massage services, Thai, swedish massage, aroma full body oil massage with highly professional trained young female staff.

Contact XYZ at a given number”

It was all a normal text that we usually ignore. Except the young female staff bit kind of made it shady. I told a friend that look at this text I received. He was quite indifferent to the text as he has been receiving such text messages since a while now. He said its nothing new.

My curiosity increased and I decided to Google the phrase “massage in Lahore”, to my surprise a number of places appeared in the search results with most of them offering “extra service” or even openly mentioning a “happy ending”. Turns out the story of the TV Series called The Client List is not fiction at all.

The Client List
GIF Source: Gfycat

This was clearly something new and a bit shocking too. These people were giving out their phone numbers and in some cases their addresses as well. Makes one wonder if they are afraid of the police at all.

So what was the next step supposed to be? Contacting them! I grabbed my phone and started to send messages to these numbers. I chose not to call as I wasn’t really sure what to say on phone. Text messages were a safer option as I could take some time and think before responding.

I thought they would be a little careful replying there. To my surprise almost all of them responded within a few hours. They clearly mentioned the “packages” for simple massage, massage plus service/shot or simply “shot”. Shot is the word used for sex only.

At this point I was clear that not even one of these places was either a massage center or a spa. They were all brothels. The shocking bit was that they were very comfortable in sending their location, or mentioning known places to get to where their representative will receive me from.

I obviously did not plan on getting a proper “experience” for the sake of this piece I’m writing. So I never went to check their operations out. Sorry to disappoint you but a step like this just to write a blog is too risky. These people are involved in prostitution already, wonder what else they do. Not messing with them directly!

Image Source: The Costa Rican Times

Another surprise in this little experiment was that some of these places were not even working under the cover of a massage center. These were openly providing escorts. I was already familiar with the services of massage at Rs 2500, sex for Rs 3000 and complete package at Rs 5000-7000. With this escorts experience I found out that they send dozens of pictures of their “staff” and ask us to choose the one we want. Then “rates” are given ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 or at least that was the range for the ones I contacted.

The purpose of writing this article is that prostitution is illegal in Pakistan but these activities are openly carried out by these massage centers. Where are the law enforcement agencies? If I can find these places with a couple of clicks why can’t the police go get them?

They have the freedom to use SMS marketing with no fear of getting caught, they have the ability to place ads online with blunt details in description. Why is the system allowing all of this?

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I could find these “massage centers” in Johar Town, Model Town, Gulberg and DHA. Even if I assume that a few of those ads are fake or its some other sort of fraud as we see in the news that they invite you through a girl then rob you, there is still too much going on that is nothing short of scary.

If you’re a policeman from Lahore, if you feel to do something about it. Either use the web and you’ll find dozens of such centers yourself. In case you fail to find them, though its really hard to miss them, simply reach out to 9Lives and we will help you find those ads. I’m sure you can do the rest on your own.

As for individuals, if you are looking for a massage in Lahore. Make sure you go to a well known spa. Otherwise you might find yourself in a mess.


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