Harmony OS
Image Source: thurrott.com

Huawei has finally announced its very own Harmony OS as an alternative to Android by Google.

The mobile manufacturer has been a victim of the trade war between US and China. Android announced that Huawei devices of the future will not be provided any Android support. It was initially announced by Huawei that they will bring heir own operating system to tackle this problem.

Huawei has begun promoting its Harmony OS following the announcement. It could be too early to state whether it would be a success or a failure. One can still be sure that it would have an impact on the smartphone industry as we know it.

Harmony OS focuses on security as a major factor which could possibly be more of a threat to iOS compared to Android. Given that iOS till date has been promoted as a secure and “bug free” system. But with the introduction of Harmony OS the decision makers of Android and iOS will surely have a few sleepless nights.

At present day it is predictable to see trolls making memes and jokes about anything going viral. This could still be the truth at some level, Huawei is in full on attack mode with an OS of their own prepared within weeks.

It is without a doubt a major step in the world of technology and Huawei, the way its going could turn into a bigger giant in the coming years.

It started as a war of 5G technology which seemingly left Huawei empty handed. With the launch of Harmony OS, Huawei has not only introduced a new competitor in the market. Huawei has brought an alternative to the masses who were previously limited to the iOS and Android. Given the details we have so far, the Harmony OS, seems to be the best of both worlds.


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