ed woodward

Manchester United is certainly one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Whether you follow football or not, you are likely to be familiar with the Red Devils. Ed Woodward the CEO of the club has got his name trending all over social media in recent days.

The club has a long history of fans going crazy for their performances. Manchester United is known for having the biggest football stars in their lineup. This year though, the fans are furious over the singing the club made.

Manchester United fans are criticising and even trolling their CEO for the performance in this transfer window.

It is but a difficult task to find a tweet that has some decent words used for Ed Woodward. It seems as if the anger was all piled up and the fans just exploded now.

There is nothing that he is not blamed for. I wonder who was the CEO at the time of Sir Alex Ferguson. It was all good back then, is Ed Woodward really the culprit?

The fans are pretty sure that Ed Woodward is the culprit. This is Ryan Garton’s opinion, I wonder what Ryan Giggs would have to say about all of this.

The best fans have turned into the worst and its hard to tell how the club would perform after the recent happenings. Ed Woodward, your decision better prove to be right, otherwise you’re not losing fans but a job.

We hope Ed Woodward has a plan to tackle this PR crisis he is going through. When you are the CEO of a club this big, you’re bound to face criticism. What matters at this point is how the team performs. Either the fans or the CEO will be proved right. Just get your team to perform well and the fans will forget how they lost their cool.


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