Image Source: SAMAA

“Janaan” Actress Armeena Khan surprised her fans globally after her Instagram post announcing her wedding with a picture of her wearing an exquisite white gown. Giving us a peek of her latest venture.

Armeena Khan broke the news of her engagement back in 2017 with a British beau on her Instagram post. She previously talked about her engagement, she said  “Fesl is my relative and I’ve known him pretty much all my life. He was very annoying as a kid, I was too, but I remember him coming over to Canada and all the chess and card games we had. I don’t quite remember when we practically started to like each other, but he was always there for me.”

She added “I started my university here, in Manchester and I realised that there was this one person who would always help me out. Soon I would use his shoulder to cry on with my heartaches, and in no time our friendship turned into a little bit more,”

She wrote “Guess who’s getting married? I got the most beautiful gown from the The Wedding Club and I can’t wait to share my dream dress with you guys.”

She added, “This isn’t the dress of course but I was trying different ones on and couldn’t contain my happiness. Hi baby, Fesl Khan.”

The actress further in her post thank the people who were there to support and sending blessing from all over the world, she also gives her remarks to her haters and people who talking about in a way of gratitude.


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